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Hello Legion ! October was such a crazy month, I added photos, videos and press articles to the site every day. Now it’s time for a recap !


Design Your Universe Gold Edition is now available, as well as an EP called The Acoustic Universe (with 5 new acoustic tracks) and new merchandising such as T-shirts, socks… See the new merchandising here. Epica’s official webshop can be found here.

You can watch a “behind the scenes” video for the recordings here.


A music video for the acoustic version of “Martyr of the Free Word” was released at the beginning on the month.

You can watch it here. A “behind the scenes” video can be watched here.


In October, the band played 11 shows in Europe and Latin America. You can watch the rehearsals here and view all the setlists here. At the end of each show, Simone raised a flag of the country as well as an Epica flag.

A huge thanks to all the lovely fans all over the world who shared pictures and videos !


In Europe, 3 shows were completely sold-out : Utrecht, Paris and Tel Aviv. Congratulations to the band for this achievement !

04 Oct 2019 – Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch AftermovieWatch Announcement
05 Oct 2019 – Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
06 Oct 2019 – Élysée Montmartre, Paris, France
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
10 Oct 2019 – Barby Club, Tel Aviv, Israel
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
12 Oct 2019 – Glav Club, Moscow, Russia
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie


As always, the Latin American crowd didn’t disappoint ! All the shows were a success, despite a nasty food poisoning for Simone and Mark just before the show in Rio de Janeiro 🙁 In São Paulo, a fan threw a lovely LGBTQ pride flag on stage and Simone wrapped herself in it, as you can see on one of the pictures below. A few days later, Simone posted a short Instastory to renew her commitment to LGBTQ rights movement, saying “Love is love” but unfortunately, “It’s not accepted all around the world”. Thank you Simone for your nice words of tolerance !

21 Oct 2019 – Escena, Monterrey, Mexico
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
22 Oct 2019 – Diana Theatre, Guadalajara, Mexico
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
24 Oct 2019 – Auditorio Blackberry, Mexico City, Mexico
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
26 Oct 2019 – Tropical Butantã, São Paulo, Brazil
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
27 Oct 2019 – Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie
29 Oct 2019 – El Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Live PicturesBackstageVIP/With FansWatch Aftermovie

Unfortunately, due to the political situation in Chile, the show in Santiago de Chile had to be postponed. You can watch the official announcement made by Simone here.

The band also posted photos with the Chilean flag, and reaffirmed their intention to come back to Chile as soon as possible.

There are only two shows left before the end of the Latin American leg : Bogota (Colombia) and San Jose (Costa Rica). The next leg of the DYU 10th anniversary tour will begin in January 2020 in North America.


In January 2020, during the North American leg of the tour, the band will perform two sets at 70000 Tons of Metal (buy tickets). It will be the 3rd time Epica is part of the cruise. The band also announced their first Summer festival in 2020 : Area 53 in Leoben (Austria) (buy tickets).


The band was featured in two magazines in Brazil : Jedbangers and Veja. Although both Simone and Mark are on the cover of Jedbangers, only Mark was interviewed.

Simone was interviewed by the Brazilian podcast “Rock Add” (listen to the episode here) and by the Mexican website “Milenio” (read the interview in Spanish here or try this automatic Google translation in English here).


Simone posted a few photoshoots on her blog and on Instagram this month : 5 new photos by Pauline Darley (here), 1 photo for Linda Hallberg Cosmetics (here), 1 photo by Daniela Glunz (that is also Simone’s new profile picture for her photography account) (here), 1 picture to celebrate Elize Ryd’s birthday (here), 2 photos by the one and only Tim Tronckoe (here and here) and two other pictures (here).

You can watch a “behind the scenes” video of the photoshoot with Pauline Darley here.


The book will be released on December, 9 2019. You can find all the pictures here. There are two different editions : “classic” and “signature” (signed by the band, with 3 original art prints and in a presentation box). The art prints were revealed a few days ago :

You can pre-order the book here. More info about the book here.


Simone posted 2 Vlogs this month : the first one is for the DKMSLife Dreamball (here), and the second one is for the Karl Lagerfeld x L’Oréal event at Paris Fashion Week (here). Both events took place in September.


Simone posted an eerie cover of “Come Little Children” for Halloween ! This song is from the movie “Hocus Pocus” and was sung by Sarah Jessica Parker (playing Sarah Sanderson in the film) to hypnotize young children. Here are the lyrics :

Come little children, I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the time’s come to play, here in my garden of shadows
Follow sweet children, I’ll show thee the way through all the pain and the sorrows
Weep not poor children, for life is this way, murdering beauty and passions
Hush now dear children, it must be this way to weary of life and deceptions
Rest now my children, for soon we’ll away into the calm and the quiet
Come little children, I’ll take thee away into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the time’s come to play here in my garden of shadows

You can watch the video here.


Last but not least, have you seen our media center ? After countless hours of work, we now have more than 520 videos and audio clips ! From acoustic sets to live shows, interviews, behind the scenes and other stuff, you know what to do when there’s nothing to watch on TV 😉

Don’t know where to start ?

– You will find Q&A videos here and 360° live videos here.

– Take a stroll down memory lane with these lovely covers : Rien de Rien (Edith Piaf Cover), Strange Machines (The Gathering Cover), Sweet Curse (ReVamp Cover) with Floor Jansen, Sally’s Song (A Nightmare Before Christmas Cover), Heaven’s a Lie (Lacuna Coil Cover) with Cristina Scabbia

– And if you have some time to kill, watch full shows : Wacken Open Air 2009, Pinkpop 2010, Graspop Metal Meeting 2013 (pregnant Smoon !), Pinkpop 2014, Mood Indigo 2014, Graspop Metal Meeting 2015, Hellfest 2016, Hell & Heaven 2016, Graspop Metal Meeting 2017, Summer Breeze 2017 or Wacken Open Air 2018 !


Did you like this kind of recap ? Should I post a recap like this one every month ? Let me know here or on social networks (Twitter, Instagram) ! See you next month Legion ! 🙂