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Released : 4 May 2006
Labels : Transmission, Hellion Records (Brazil)
Producer : Hans van Vuuren
Recorded : Between June 2002 and early 2006
Mixed : By Raymond Tabak (live tracks)


Book and album

01. Welcome to The Road to Paradiso (Caught in a Web)
02. Making of Adyta
03. Adyta (Demo)
04. Making of Cry for the Moon
05. Cry for the Moon (Demo)
06. Making of Quietus
07. Quietus (Demo)
08. Quietus (Single Version)
09. The Fallacy
10. Interview With Ad Sluijter on the Live Tracks
11. Solitary Ground (Live @ Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain, 27 October 2005)
12. Blank Infinity (Live @ Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 5 January 2006)
13. Mother of Light (Live @ Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 5 January 2006)
14. Linger (Piano Version)
15. Crystal Mountain (Orchestral Version)
16. Purushayita

The book is available in Dutch and in English


The concert at Paradiso was supposed to be recorded and turned into a DVD, but unfortunately the label (Transmission) declared bankruptcy. After that, Epica signed with the German label Nuclear Blast.

“[During the show] I was also standing again too close to the flames… I leave the stage in the middle [of Consign to Oblivion] to leave some room for the boys. Before Mark starts singing the ‘low’ part at the end, I come back. The stage at Paradiso is not that big. I was a bit too late […] that was when the flames came out on the side and I was very very close to them. After it I was touching my hair all the time to see if it was still there.” – Simone Simons


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