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Lyrics : Simone Simons
Music : Mark Jansen


Album Version (01:27)The Phantom Agony album
Demo Version (01:23)The Road to Paradiso album
Orchestral Version (01:28)The Phantom Agony 10th anniversary expanded edition

Lyrics and translation

O nate vulnerate
Cito veni ad me

Te amplectar et vulnera tua lingam
Utinam te haberem, mi amor caelestis

Oh the one that was born hurt
Come to me quickly

I will embrace you and lick your wounds
If only I could have you, my heavenly love

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“The main thought behind “The Embrace That Smothers” is that when mankind sees that there’s just one god, all different religions melt together into one. All religious wars come to an end.” – Mark Jansen