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Lyrics : Mark Jansen
Music : Mark Jansen, Coen Janssen


Album Version (02:39)The Holographic Principle album
Instrumental Version (02:39)The Holographic Principle earbook


Idolam quam creamus alimus, oramus
Ferimur simulacris fictis antiquis et futuris

Omnia solent fieri
Hoc tempore atque nunc et semper

Fictis fallimur, non vivimus sine mora
Elimina illecebras fugantes nos
Vaca a timore et tempore

Animam libera nunc
Ut liberes te a tempore et abs timore
Tu solus eo modo facturus et veritatem semper tuam


  • Coen’s daughter Cato Janssen sings the part “Omnia solent fieri, hoc tempore atque nunc et semper” in this song.

“The title comes from the ancient Greek for phantom or image, and it’s where the word “idol” comes from.” – Simone Simons

“The idea is that after death, it’s all that remains of the body. After I had written the music for Eidola, I felt there was something missing so our keyboard player Coen rebuilt it with many new parts and it became massive. He added an orchestra which gives a cinematic feel and we have all these metal riffs going on. It’s like a wild roller coaster ride.” – Mark Jansen