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This week, Epica launched a collaboration with Kazematten, an Ypres-based brewery from Belgium. If you didn’t know, Isaac is from Ypres. The can features a promotional picture of Simone taken by Stefan Heilemann for the release of Ωmega.

Epica is a bright, sparkling craft lager, pouring out a lovely golden yellow colour with a nice white head. Like the symphonic metal band after which it was named, Epica is a great combination of very different flavours. The unmistakable biscuit malt backbone, supported by an irresistible touch of honey, alternates with lovely citrus notes and a spiciness that packs a punch. With just the right amount of hoppy bitterness, Epica has a well-balanced, refreshing taste that is immensely thirst-quenching at the same time ! Thanks to its amazing flavours of lime, peppermint, tropical fruit and its crisp, spicy undertones, Epica pairs nicely with great comfort food ! Try a glass of Epica with a burger, hot wings or a pizza !” – Kazematten Brewery

You can buy “Epica” beer here.

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Abyss of Time, the first single from Ωmega, was released today, as well as a stunning music video created by Dariusz Szermanowicz (Grupa 13). It’s a very catchy song, and Simone looks like a goddess in various outfits by Katarzyna Konieczka ! You can watch the video in our media center, and see screencaptures in our gallery. I also added the lyrics to our song database.

A few behind the scenes pictures are also available in our gallery : view the pictures.

The official site was revamped today to promote the new album and single.

Promotional photos by Tim Tronckoe and Stefan Heilemann for Ωmega were released. I added a few here in the gallery and I will add more as soon as I find them in good quality.

I will update the Ωmega section with all the versions available for pre-order (CD, earbook, box, vinyls, bundles…) and more info very soon. Stay tuned !