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Today, I fixed the press section to remove broken links and add new ones. There are now 108 interviews you can read, watch or listen to, from 2003 to 2018. I will of course add more soon, but it should be enough to keep you busy for a few hours !

The Phantom Agony Era x3
Consign to Oblivion Era x2
The Divine Conspiracy Era x4
Design Your Universe Era x4
Requiem for the Indifferent Era x9
The Quantum Enigma Era x27
The Holographic Principle Era x59

The last show of 2018 took place yesterday in Czech Republic. It seems Simone was bored in the plane home and she decided to have a mini Q&A on Instastories !

When asked if the band would one day play a concert with the Metropole Orkest, she answered “maybe”. We also learnt that she won’t go back to wearing corsets, that Vincent can draw and paint very well, that she wishes she could play In All Conscience, Mirage of Verity and Tides of Time more often on stage, that she would never get sick of singing Unchain Utopia and that her favorite Dutch city is Amsterdam.

You can find all the other questions and her answers here in the press section.

EDIT : I translated the questions/answers from Dutch to English. I don’t speak Dutch very well so I hope it’s correct !