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Today, Epica attended Metropool Open Air with Blackbriar and MaYaN. The venue looked so pretty ! Simone wore a new black dress and the band played a few “rare” songs that are not played very often anymore, like A Phantasmic Parade, Solitary Ground and Seif Al Din.

Live Performances > 29 Jun 2019 – Metropool Open Air, Hertme, The Netherlands x5

Setlist :

  1. Adyta
  2. Sensorium
  3. A Phantasmic Parade
  4. The Essence of Silence
  5. Unleashed
  6. Martyr of the Free Word
  7. Dancing in a Hurricane
  8. Blank Infinity
  9. Solitary Ground
  10. The Obsessive Devotion
  11. Victims of Contingency
  12. Beyond the Matrix
  13. Cry for the Moon
  14. Unchain Utopia
  15. Seif Al Din
  16. Consign to Oblivion

Epica is scheduled to play 3 festivals this summer before the DYU 10th Anniversary Tour next fall. The first festival took place this afternoon in Donington (United Kingdom), and Simone wore a new shiny dress. I think it looks a lot like this one, except with longer sleeves and v-neck ! I added a few pictures in the gallery, hopefully I’ll be able to add more later.

Interviews > 15 Jun 2019 – Unchained Rock, Donington, United Kingdom x1
Live Performances > 15 Jun 2019 – Download Festival, Donington, United Kingdom x12
Posters & Flyers > The Holographic Principle Era x1
With Fans > 15 Jun 2019 – Download Festival, Donington, United Kingdom x1

The set was very short, with only 5 songs :

  1. The Essence of Silence
  2. Storm the Sorrow
  3. Victims of Contingency
  4. Beyond the Matrix
  5. Consign to Oblivion

The last show of 2018 took place in Tunis two days ago. This show was rescheduled after the band was unable to play under heavy rains in August and the first show had to be cancelled. We’re so glad our fellow Epica fans from Tunisia were finally able to see the band on stage ! Thank you for the pictures and videos you shared on Instagram.

As you can see, Simone wore a brand new sparkling dress. I really love it and I can’t wait to see more pictures of it ! What do you think of that dress ?

Live Performances > 22 Dec 2018 – La Coupole D’el Menzah, Tunis, Tunisia x8

I also wanted to wish you all happy holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas, Pancha Ganapati, Hanukkah or something else, or if you don’t celebrate anything at all. I just hope you will spend the last days of 2018 with your loved ones. Take care <3