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¡ Hola México ! Epica played the first show of the Mexican tour in Chihuahua on Tuesday night. The setlist was the same as the show in Bulgaria and Simone wore a new outfit. She also sang the chorus of El Código Vital in Spanish ! The band released an aftermovie for this show that you can watch in our media center. Next stop : Toluca !

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Before Epica’s show in Bulgaria last week, Simone and Mark were interviewed by BTV. I added the video to our media center. Be aware that Simone and Mark’s answers are quite difficult to hear because of translator’s voice.

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Media > Interviews > 30 Apr 2022 – BTV, Bulgaria

Epica is back (and so is this website after a well-deserved break) ! The band played 2 shows in Europe this week before the upcoming tour in Mexico. Simone wore the same dress for both show (it’s the same dress she wore for the last part of Ωmega Alive and at Area 53 in 2021). The band also added Code of Life to the setlist ! The setlist was the same for both nights except the band didn’t play Kingdom of Heaven Pt. 3 in Wroclaw.

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It feels so good to see the band back on stage ! Am I the only one who missed them ?

This week, Epica launched a collaboration with Kazematten, an Ypres-based brewery from Belgium. If you didn’t know, Isaac is from Ypres. The can features a promotional picture of Simone taken by Stefan Heilemann for the release of Ωmega.

Epica is a bright, sparkling craft lager, pouring out a lovely golden yellow colour with a nice white head. Like the symphonic metal band after which it was named, Epica is a great combination of very different flavours. The unmistakable biscuit malt backbone, supported by an irresistible touch of honey, alternates with lovely citrus notes and a spiciness that packs a punch. With just the right amount of hoppy bitterness, Epica has a well-balanced, refreshing taste that is immensely thirst-quenching at the same time ! Thanks to its amazing flavours of lime, peppermint, tropical fruit and its crisp, spicy undertones, Epica pairs nicely with great comfort food ! Try a glass of Epica with a burger, hot wings or a pizza !” – Kazematten Brewery

You can buy “Epica” beer here.

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