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Simone is on the cover of lots of magazines this month :

You can see scans from these magazines and many more in our gallery :
Nov 2020 – Metal Hammer, UK
Nov 2020 – MyRock, France
Jan 2021 – Aardschok, The Netherlands
Jan 2021 – Blast !, South America
Jan 2021 – Legacy, Germany
Jan 2021 – Metal Hammer, Germany
Jan 2021 – Rock Hard, Italy
Jan 2021 – Total Order, USA
Feb 2021 – Metal Hammer, UK
Feb 2021 – Rock Tribune, Belgium

Feel free to repost these scans 😉 I will add more as soon as I receive more magazines (I can’t wait !).

Because of the COVID pandemic, Simone can’t record video interviews but a lot of audio interviews and podcasts were released lately. You can listen to them in our media center :

04 Jan 2021 – Scars and Guitars, Australia
07 Jan 2021 – Heavy Magazine, Australia
08 Jan 2021 – Crannk, Australia
12 Jan 2021 – Bloodstream TV, UK
15 Jan 2021 – Made in Metal, Spain

Last but not least, you can also read the following interviews :

Jan 2021 – Amnplify (in English)
06 Jan 2021 – Metal France (in French)
07 Jan 2021 – Pozzo Live (in French)
15 Jan 2021 – Sense Media (in English)

I don’t always post an update on the main page because I add pictures, videos, audio files or articles daily at the moment, so remember to check our press section and our gallery from time to time if you don’t want to miss anything !

In other news, according to the streaming platform Deezer, the next single from Ωmega will be Rivers and the song will be released tomorrow ! 🙂

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