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Adagio (by Antonín Dvořák)
Battle of the Heroes & Imperial March / The Imperial March (by John Williams)
Crimson Bow and Arrow (by Linked Horizon)
Crystal Mountain (by Death)
Dedicate Your Heart ! (by Linked Horizon)
Dies Irae (by Guiseppe Verdi)
If Inside These Walls Was a House (by Linked Horizon)
In the Hall of the Mountain King (by Edvard Grieg)
Memory (from the musical Cats)
Montagues and Capulets (by Sergei Prokofiev)
Nothing’s Wrong (by Heideroosjes)
Ombra Mai Fù (by Georg Friedrich Händel)
Pirates of the Caribbean Medley (by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt)
Presto (by Antonio Vivaldi)
Replica (by Fear Factory)
Spider-Man Medley (by Danny Elfman)
Stabat Mater Dolorósa (by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi)
Wings of Freedom (by Linked Horizon)