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Lyrics : Simone Simons
Music : Isaac Delahaye, Mark Jansen, Simone Simons


Album Version (Duet With Tony Kakko) (04:44)Design Your Universe album


I see a silhouette, liquid that moves
Skin like a pearl in the sea
I cannot resist this, her voice in the wind
But is it my eyes are deceived ?
Is it you I see ?

Lie down in my arms, trust what you see
Smooth your brow, you will be with me to find your relief

Gazing at whitecaps, coming so close
Everything’s suddenly clear
Numb with the aching, and still I am waiting
The water is pulling me near
Would you welcome me ?

Lie down in my arms, try not to breathe
Quiet love, you are now with me, you need no words to speak

For my mistakes, I am to blame
Never believed that it was all meant to fall
I’d give my life, to have you near once again
Take me away, would you forgive me ?


“We agreed that [Tony Kakko] would sing on the album, but it was supposed to be on a different song, the one that in the end wasn’t on the album. So I was like “shit, we should do something, but what ?”. I decided to rewrite the lyrics of “White Waters” and it became the story of a man and a woman, because I really wanted to sing with Tony and he too liked this track because he had to sing in a low voice, and he liked it, because usually he has to sing high, he liked the song. Unfortunately, we have not recorded this track in the studio together. He recorded his parts in Finland. We sent him the track, he recorded the vocals and sent it back.” – Simone Simons