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Released : 09 Dec 2019 (English), 03 Dec 2021 (Portuguese)
Publisher : Rocket88
Pages : 208


Classic edition

Illustrated with more than 200 rare, candid and classic photographs

Signature edition

Signed by the band, with 3 original art prints and in a presentation box

Portuguese edition – “A Essência do Epica”


“Our manager asked us if we would be interested in doing a book like this. He brought a book from Opeth with him for us to have a look at in order to see if it’s professional. I took the book home with me, because I’m also an Opeth fan — like, ‘This book is mine’. […] We’ve gathered quite some cool, funny, some sad, some crazy stories over the past almost 16 years now, and all of us have stored different memories. It’s cool to dig up those stories and put them in a book, because the fans love everything behind-the-scenes. Of course, we show quite some stuff on social media, but we definitely still have some treasures buried in boxes in the basement. We’re going to go really in-depth about many things, and it’s going to be honest — no politically correct answers or sugarcoating anything. It’s going to be very raw and real.” – Simone Simons