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After months of teasing, Epica finally shared the big surprise we’ve been expecting :

On September 2, we will finally re-issue our first three albums, The Phantom Agony, Consign to Oblivion and The Score. Each record will be available in either a CD box, a collector’s LP box, or as an Earbook and will come with rare bonus tracks for each album. As a special surprise, we have even dug up some spectacular hidden gems from our early days that will be available as bonus material on some of the formats.

Initially recorded in 2006 at the beautiful Paradiso venue in Amsterdam, the performance has become shrouded in legend ; often scheduled for release, it somehow never saw the light of day – until now ! After being hidden away in a dark drawer for more than 16 years, “Live at Paradiso” is finally available on 2CD and Blu-ray/DVD, specifically revamped in 4K resolution.

Recorded at the “Twee Meter Sessies” on public Dutch TV, most of you will already be familiar with this release that was the band’s first major performance on television and first DVD release that has long been sold out. You can also discover two especially rare demo recordings from SAHARA DUST – the band that should later become EPICA (and that you can actually see live for the very first time at our already sold-out anniversary show in Tilburg) !

– Epica newsletter

If you didn’t know, the concert at Paradiso was supposed to be recorded and turned into a DVD 16 years ago, but unfortunately Epica’s label at the time (Transmission) declared bankruptcy. After that, the band signed with the German label Nuclear Blast. The Paradiso concert have been requested by fans for years ! The rare demo recordings from Sahara Dust come from this album.

As usual, there are many versions available (vinyls, earbooks, bundles…), so I didn’t have the time to create all the subpages in the discography section yet, but they’ll be available soon !

The new album is out ! After a long delay due to covid-19, Ωmega was released this morning. I updated the song database with all the lyrics and info about the new songs.

The band also posted a stunning new music video for the song The Skeleton Key : watch it here. It’s probably one of their best videos yet !

Ωmega will be released at the end of the week, and new promotional stuff is posted daily. Check our gallery, media center and press section if you want to see the latest pictures and interviews, as I don’t have enough time to post a daily recap here on the “news” page ! If you haven’t seen the latest additions already, here is what you missed :


Mar 2021 – Music Maker Magazine, The Netherlands
Mar 2021 – Metal’Art Magazine, France
Mar 2021 – Rock Hard Magazine, Slovakia (new)

Interviews : Text

10 Feb 2021 – Universal Rock & Metal (Italian)
10 Feb 2021 – Metal Goddesses (English)
12 Feb 2021 – Radio Metal (French)
21 Feb 2021 – Long Live Rock’n’roll (Italian)
22 Feb 2021 – Metallized (Italian)

Interviews : Audio

01 Feb 2021 – 99WNRR, USA
10 Feb 2021 – Metal Sucks, USA
22 Feb 2021 – Powermetal, Germany (new)
23 Feb 2021 – El Cuartel del Metal, Peru (new)

Interviews : Video

09 Feb 2021 – Everblack Media, Australia
14 Feb 2021 – Metal Shop, Czech Republic
15 Feb 2021 – Backstage TV, Czech Republic (Part II)
16 Feb 2021 – Kaaos TV, Finland
16 Feb 2021 – Linea Rock, Italy
17 Feb 2021 – Face Culture, The Netherlands
24 Feb 2021 – TV War, Greece (new)

New single & music video

15 Feb 2021 – OmegAcoustic (Acoustic) (Music Video)

Ωmega documentary

22 Feb 2021 – Ωmega Studio Documentary (Episode 15 – Behind the Music)

EDIT : I added more videos, audio files and photos after the update → (new)

Simone is once more on the cover of many magazines in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

Sonic Seducer comes with a bonus CD including an exclusive remix !
EDIT : The “exclusive remix” is actually the acoustic song “Omegacoustic”. This song will also be available in the 2CD digibook and 4CD earbook editions of Ωmega.