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Ωmega will be released at the end of the week, and new promotional stuff is posted daily. Check our gallery, media center and press section if you want to see the latest pictures and interviews, as I don’t have enough time to post a daily recap here on the “news” page ! If you haven’t seen the latest additions already, here is what you missed :


Mar 2021 – Music Maker Magazine, The Netherlands
Mar 2021 – Metal’Art Magazine, France
Mar 2021 – Rock Hard Magazine, Slovakia (new)

Interviews : Text

10 Feb 2021 – Universal Rock & Metal (Italian)
10 Feb 2021 – Metal Goddesses (English)
12 Feb 2021 – Radio Metal (French)
21 Feb 2021 – Long Live Rock’n’roll (Italian)
22 Feb 2021 – Metallized (Italian)

Interviews : Audio

01 Feb 2021 – 99WNRR, USA
10 Feb 2021 – Metal Sucks, USA
22 Feb 2021 – Powermetal, Germany (new)
23 Feb 2021 – El Cuartel del Metal, Peru (new)

Interviews : Video

09 Feb 2021 – Everblack Media, Australia
14 Feb 2021 – Metal Shop, Czech Republic
15 Feb 2021 – Backstage TV, Czech Republic (Part II)
16 Feb 2021 – Kaaos TV, Finland
16 Feb 2021 – Linea Rock, Italy
17 Feb 2021 – Face Culture, The Netherlands
24 Feb 2021 – TV War, Greece (new)

New single & music video

15 Feb 2021 – OmegAcoustic (Acoustic) (Music Video)

Ωmega documentary

22 Feb 2021 – Ωmega Studio Documentary (Episode 15 – Behind the Music)

EDIT : I added more videos, audio files and photos after the update → (new)

You can watch new interviews in our media center :
28 Jan 2021 – TV Limburg, The Netherlands [in Dutch]
01 Feb 2021 – Tuonela Magazine, Finland
03 Feb 2021 – Face Culture, The Netherlands

Simone and Mark are also on the cover of Orkus Magazine in Germany :

In a long interview with MMH Radio, Simone tells us more about the upcoming album and some of the new songs she wrote.

watch the video in our media center

We finally know more about the “secret song” Simone recorded with her husband Oliver : she posted an amazing cover of “This Is Halloween” to celebrate this special day. The song was recorded in Oliver’s studio and their 7 year-old son Vincent Palotai made a cameo in his Halloween costume for the last chorus ! The whole family seems to have a lot of fun in this video. How cute is that ?

This Is Halloween

To get into the Halloween spirit, you can also watch these 2 videos :

Sally’s Song

Come Little Children

Happy Halloween !