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Whether you were one of the lucky ones in the audience in Belgium or if you watched the live stream from home, you were probably blown away by Epica’s show at Alcatraz Festival yesterday. The band is back, and it feels so good !

Two months after Ωmega Alive, and now with Coen allowed to travel, Epica experimented with new stuff and all the band members looked so happy to be able to perform together again. Simone interacted a lot with the audience, and she was right when she said we probably won’t take things like concerts for granted anymore !

The setlist looked a lot like the one at Area 53 in Leoben last month, except the songs were not in the same order. The band removed Kingdom of Heaven, but added Storm the Sorrow (with a nice new vocal line by Simone during the bridge) and Design Your Universe as the last song.

In my opinion, it’s great that Epica is experimenting with new songs at the end of the setlist instead of Consign to Oblivion (at Area 53, it was Omega). Although I love CTO, I think it’s exciting to have something else, and to never know which song will be the last. Last night, Design Your Universe was a wonderful conclusion to the show and the fireworks made this moment even more magical !

If you haven’t been able to watch the live stream, I added the video to our media center. Don’t forget to check the “full shows” tag for more full concerts !

Career > Tour > Setlists > 2021 Summer Festivals
Gallery > Live Performances > 13 Aug 2021 – Alcatraz Music Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium
Media > Live > 13 Aug 2021 – Alcatraz Music Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium (Full Show)

After Come Little Children and This Is Halloween, Simone posted a new cover on her YouTube account. This time, she picked “Part of This World” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Vocals were mixed by Oliver Palotai, and the video director is Jens de Vos.

This beautiful song has to be one of the main reasons why I am in the music industry today. I remember watching “The Little Mermaid” and falling in love with all of the songs, and in particular “Part of Your World”. It is without a doubt one of my childhood anthems. I can finally show you my cover version of the immense popular “Part of Your World”. I hope you like my version of the song.
– Simone

Gallery > Social Networks > YouTube > 22 Jul 2021 – “Part of Your World” Cover
Media > Social Networks > YouTube > 22 Jul 2021 – “Part of Your World” Cover

Ωmega will be released at the end of the week, and new promotional stuff is posted daily. Check our gallery, media center and press section if you want to see the latest pictures and interviews, as I don’t have enough time to post a daily recap here on the “news” page ! If you haven’t seen the latest additions already, here is what you missed :


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