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After Come Little Children and This Is Halloween, Simone posted a new cover on her YouTube account. This time, she picked “Part of This World” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Vocals were mixed by Oliver Palotai, and the video director is Jens de Vos.

This beautiful song has to be one of the main reasons why I am in the music industry today. I remember watching “The Little Mermaid” and falling in love with all of the songs, and in particular “Part of Your World”. It is without a doubt one of my childhood anthems. I can finally show you my cover version of the immense popular “Part of Your World”. I hope you like my version of the song.
– Simone

Gallery > Social Networks > YouTube > 22 Jul 2021 – “Part of Your World” Cover
Media > Social Networks > YouTube > 22 Jul 2021 – “Part of Your World” Cover

After 18 months without live shows, Epica was finally able to play the new songs from Ωmega on stage at Area 53 in Leoben, Austria ! The setlist was similar to the one they played during the “Ωmega Alive” streaming event.

After so many months, it must have felt so good for the band and the fans to reunite. Unfortunately, because of quarantine, Coen was unable to join the other band members and had to stay home. A difficult but necessary decision !

Lots of pictures from the show have been added to the gallery. As usual, thanks to the lovely photographers who shared them ! I love Simone’s outfit and her new mic stand.

EDIT : Epica released an official vlog. Watch it here and see screencaptures here.

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Gallery > Backstage & Behind the Scenes > Jul 2021 – Leoben, Austria
Gallery > Live Performances > 16 Jul 2021 – Area 53, Leoben, Austria
Media > Backstage & Behind the Scenes > 16 Jul 2021 – Area 53, Leoben, Austria

Yesterday, after 17 months without a concert because of Covid, Epica finally took the stage to celebrate the release of Ωmega. The band didn’t disappoint : the show was fantastic, with dancers, fire effects, rain, children choir, piano on fire (wow!) and many stunning outfits for Simone. Her voice was perfect, and the whole band seemed genuinely happy to be share this event with the fans. I really loved the setlist and the band’s energy. Now I can’t wait for the upcoming tour !

Here are the first pictures of the show by Tim Tronckoe, as well as “behind the scenes” photos posted by the band. I’ll add more pics, screencaptures and videos in the next few days !

Career > Tour > Setlists > Ωmega Alive Streaming Event
Gallery > Backstage & Behind the Scenes > Jun 2021 – Behind the Scenes : “Ωmega Alive” Streaming Event
Gallery > Live Performances > 12 Jun 2021 – Ωmega Alive Streaming Event
Gallery > Live Performances > Posters & Flyers > Ωmega Era

More behind the scenes pictures from the “Abyss of Time” music video are available in our gallery : view them all here.

More promotional photos by Tim Tronckoe are also slowly surfacing. You can view them all here in the gallery. I really like these new photos, once more Tim knew how to capture Simone’s beauty in these shots.