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My name is Pauline, I’m a 37-year-old fan from France. I discovered Epica in 2004 when a friend of mine made me listen to The Phantom Agony (he knew how much I loved Nightwish and Within Temptation). I immediately fell in love with the band and with Simone’s voice.

I had the chance to see the band several times in France and in Luxembourg, as I live in the upper east corner of France. I already met the band members several times and absolutely love how available and nice they all are.

Simone knows about the site and thanked me several time for my dedication <3

It’s very difficult to pick my favourite album, at the moment it’s Design Your Universe. But it’s changing all the time ! My favourite songs are (in chronological order) : Sensorium, The Phantom Agony, Consign to Oblivion, The Obsessive Devotion, Unleashed, Design Your Universe, Serenade of Self-Destruction, The Essence of Silence, Canvas of Life, Edge of the Blade, Ascension (Dream State Armageddon), Abyss of Time, Code of Life and the whole Kindgom of Heaven trilogy.

My hobbies include journaling, playing the piano and ukulele, reading, working out at the gym, watching TV shows and going out with my friends.