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– We accept fansites.
– We accept Tumblr blogs about celebrities or bands (no personal blogs).
– We will always refuse blogs and sites who repost things without credits or who cut off tags from pictures to repost them and claim them as their own. If you’re caught doing this, you will be removed from our affiliates.
– If your site/blog is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and will be added to our list of affiliates. We always answer, even when you’re not approved. If you have no answer after 3 weeks, please fill the form again, it’s possible it wasn’t sent properly. But don’t spam our mail box by sending the same form 10 times before these 3 weeks, please !
– If you are accepted, please ensure that you link back to Simone-Simons.Net as soon as possible.
– Abandoned sites will be removed from our affiliates listing if they are not updated for more than 6 months.
– Sites who don’t link back to Simone-Simons.Net will be removed from our affiliates listing.
– Sites with adult or inappropriate content will not be accepted.

Elite affiliates are the affiliates who appear on the sidebar and are visible all the time.
We will mostly accept sites/blogs that are Epica-related or about metal, hard rock bands or band members.
But if you site is good (layout and content), you are also allowed to apply even if you don’t fulfil the above criteria.

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