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Congratulations are in order, because the band’s latest show in Tel Aviv was sold-out ! Tonight, the band will play the last show of the European leg of the DYU 10th Anniversary Tour in Moscow (Russia).

Live Performances > 10 Oct 2019 – Barby Club, Tel Aviv, Israel x40

The set list was identical to the set list from Turbinenhalle last week.

Note : The amount of new photos I added to the gallery is insane, so I’m not gonna post an update with all the albums I updated like I usually do, it would be too long and there are only 24 hours in a day ! Please visit the last uploads to see all new the pictures.

Last Sunday, Epica played a sold-out show in Paris.

I was one of the lucky fans in the crowd, and it was an amazing show, totally worth the wait ! Simone recognized me and asked me how the fansite was going. The band also loved the 10th anniversary balloons I brought (you can see Simone with one of them here, she played with them in an Instagram story and you can also briefly see them in the aftermovie). I had a hug from Simone, Mark and Ärien. I will remember this show for a long time !

Live Performances > 06 Oct 2019 – Élysée Montmartre , Paris, France x119

The set list was the same than the previous night, except the band played The Last Crusade instead of Sensorium.

Yesterday, Epica played the 2nd show of the DYU 10th anniversary tour in Utrecht. The show was sold-out. Simone’s dress was the same she wore in Tunisia in December 2018 and in Germany in July 2019.

Live Performances > 05 Oct 2019 – Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands x50

The set list was almost the same, except the band played Sensorium instead of Quietus.

Tonight, the band plays another sold-out show in Paris.

The band played the first show of the DYU 10th anniversary tour yesterday in Germany. Simone was wearing the same dress she wore at Download Festival a few months ago.

Backstage & Behind the Scenes > Oct 2019 – Oberhausen, Germany x24
Live Performances > 04 Oct 2019 – Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany x19

The set was insane, with the live debut of In All Conscience !

  1. Samadhi
  2. Resign to Surrender
  3. Unleashed
  4. Martyr of the Free Word
  5. Our Destiny
  6. Kingdom of Heaven
  7. Quietus
  8. In All Conscience
  9. The Price of Freedom
  10. Burn to a Cinder
  11. Tides of Time
  12. Deconstruct / Semblance of Liberty (Medley)
  13. Cry for the Moon
  14. Design Your Universe
  15. Sancta Terra
  16. Beyond the Matrix
  17. Consign to Oblivion

Tonight, the band plays in Utrecht.

Let’s celebrate ! This morning, Epica released the 10th anniversary remastered version of one of their best albums, Design Your Universe (called the Gold Edition), as well as a new EP, The Acoustic Universe. The new acoustic songs sound so good !

And to spoil us even more, a new music video was uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel : Martyr of the Free Word, created by Stefan Heilemann (who also designed the DIY, RFTI, TQE and THP album covers).

Tonight, the band will play the first show of the DYU 10th anniversary tour in Oberhausen (Germany) ! Who else is excited ?

To celebrate this very special day, I updated a lot of pages on the site (I added a lot of videos in our media center, as well as new pages in the career and press sections). A huge gallery update is also coming soon (of course I will add pictures from the DYU 10th anniversary shows as soon as I can find some).