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In a long interview with MMH Radio, Simone tells us more about the upcoming album and some of the new songs she wrote.

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We finally know more about the “secret song” Simone recorded with her husband Oliver : she posted an amazing cover of “This Is Halloween” to celebrate this special day. The song was recorded in Oliver’s studio and their 7 year-old son Vincent Palotai made a cameo in his Halloween costume for the last chorus ! The whole family seems to have a lot of fun in this video. How cute is that ?

This Is Halloween

To get into the Halloween spirit, you can also watch these 2 videos :

Sally’s Song

Come Little Children

Happy Halloween !

Horror Expo posted a video in which Simone answers questions about Epica’s upcoming album Ωmega, the band’s future plans and her love for horror movies.

The Holographic Principle deals about humanity living in sort of a matrix, a virtual reality where we can’t really know who built it, why it was built and what lies beneath the basis of our universe. And in Ωmega, we partly talk about the secret geometry teachings and the oldest found wisdom zones in the emerald tablets. Life being a labyrinth in which we stay trapped in the illusion, or we manage to navigate well and find the kingdom of heaven within ourselves.”

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