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The 2nd single from Ωmega called Freedom (The Wolves Within) was released this morning along with an epic animated music video by Bram Knol.

I added the lyrics to our song database, along with a text by Mark Jansen to explain the meaning of this song.

watch the music video

For this new single, the band teamed up with WWF and Nuclear Blast to support a good cause :

Three goals have been set on streaming platforms, and with each goal reached, Nuclear Blast will sponsor the symbolic adoption of 2 endangered grey wolves through the World Wildlife Fund, so that at the end of the game, each band member will have adopted one animal. Not only do grey wolves suffer from steady habitat loss, they also have to endure revenge killings for attacks on wild stock, and the World Wildlife Fund depends on sponsorships and adoptions to conserve the natural habitat of these precious animals.

The goals we need to unlock are :
– 400,000 views on YouTube for the new single
– 200,000 combined streams on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music…)
– 600,000 followers on Spotify

Let’s all help the band to unlock the goals and adopt these grey wolves in the name of Epica !

watch the announcement

According to the streaming platform Deezer, the next single from Ωmega might be Freedom (The Wolves Within) and the song could be released on November 27th.

Tonight, some of the band members answered 99 fan questions on Instagram. If was sometimes difficult to know who answered the questions, but here are a few highlights :

  • Simone’s favourite song from Ωmega is Code of Life.
  • Simone doesn’t have a favourite Epica album (“I love all my children”).
  • One of the songs from the new album is a beautiful ballad.
  • Simone would love to record a duet with Elize Ryd.
  • Vincent’s favourite subject at school is mathematics.
  • Simone was inspired to write songs by the movie Inception.
  • Simone loves cookbooks.
  • A b-side called Until We Meet Again was kept for a future release.
  • Simone’s favourite Disney princess is Ursula.